Some highlights of my life so far:

  • PhD in Computer Science from New York University
  • Bachelor in Mathematics from Reed College, Phi Beta Kappa, and commendation for excellence scholarship every semester
  • Co-authored a book Asymptopia published by American Mathematical Society
  • Delivered over 25 technical talks
  • Fellow of Dean's Dissertation Fellowship at New York University
  • Reviewer for COLT, SODA, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, Electronic Communications in Probability, Journal of inequalities and applications, Mathematical Reviewer


  • The range of rotor walk
    American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 123, No. 7, pp 627-642, 2016
    Florescu, L., Levine L., Peres Y.
  • Dominos and Sandpiles
    Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 22(1), 2015
    Florescu L., Morar D., Perkinson D., Salter N., Xu T.

Asymptotics in one form or another are part of the landscape for every mathematician. The objective of this book is to present the ideas of how to approach asymptotic problems that arise in discrete mathematics, analysis of algorithms, and number theory. A broad range of topics is covered, including distribution of prime integers, Erdős Magic, random graphs, Ramsey numbers, and asymptotic geometry.

Date Talk Location
April 2017 NYU defense New York, NY
December 2016 MIT Combinatorics Seminar Cambridge, MA
September 2016 NYU ML Seminar New York
June 2016 COLT New York
April 2016 Random Roads: A celebration of Joel Spencer's 70 New York
February 2016 Cornell Probability Seminar Ithaca, NY
February 2016 Theory Seminar Berkeley, CA
November 2015 Workshop on Sandpiles Oaxaca, Mexico
October 2015 Columbia Theory Seminar New York
July 2015 Random Structures and Algorithms Pittsburgh, PA
June 2015 McGill University Montreal
March 2015 Reed College Math Colloquium Portland, OR
February 2015 Rutgers Discrete Math Seminar New Brunswick, NJ
December 2014 Georgia Tech Combinatorics Seminar Atlanta, GA
November 2014 IMA Seminar Minneapolis, MN
November 2014 Minnesota Probability Seminar Minneapolis, MN
June 2014 PIMS Probability Summer School Vancouver
January 2014 Stochastic Activity Month Eindhoven, Netherlands
July 2013 Cornell Probability Summer School Ithaca
May 2012 University of Washington Probability Seminar Seattle, WA
February 2012 CNLS, LANL Los Alamos, NM
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